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How to Leave Pathogens in Your Bathroom Busted?

by Koby Mofflin

Do you know that there are a lot of bacteria and viruses that are found in your bathroom? You’ve read it right. In fact, according to studies, every square inch in your bathroom vanities and surfaces have about 500,000 bacterial cells in it. Imagine you using your bathroom several times a day and getting exposed to these pathogens. Isn’t it disgusting?

You see, it is not just the pathogens in your bathroom that makes it disgusting but also the effects these can give. Exposure to these stuffs can result to serious illnesses and diseases, which can even cause death if not attended immediately or properly. Some of these health problems include infections (caused by staphylococcus bacteria), gastrointestinal issues, strep throat (caused by streptococci bacteria) and even respiratory and vascular problems (caused by molds).

Given these reasons, cleaning and sanitizing your bathroom is indeed a crucial thing to do if not everyday, at least once in a while. Not doing so can result to negative effects not just towards your health but also your family as well. So to help you guard yourself and your family’s health, here are some of the most efficient yet easiest ways you can actually consider for your general cleaning time:

  1. Sinks. When it comes to sinks, you can use all-purpose bathroom cleaner, abrasive or soft-scrub cleaner and bleach to keep your sinks sparkling again. Doing so can help remove light soil and film, hardened deposits and toothpaste dribbles in no time. These are also not harsh chemicals, so you are assured that by using these products your sinks or other vanities will surely last long.
  2. Shower and Tub. In cleaning the shower and tub, it is crucial to remember to spray the tub area with all-purpose bathroom cleaner before anything else. Afterwards, you will have to set it for a while in order to soften the hardened debris of soap and oil scums so that it will be easier to remove. Doing so can help you manage your time cleaning as it will allow you to focus to other things while waiting.
  3. Glass doors and showers. Cleaning glass doors and showers seem difficult to do especially if the debris has hardened already. But cloudy glass doors are nothing when you use white vinegar. The acid in it reacts to the debris, which makes removing faster and hassle free. Aside from vinegar, you can also use commercial lime and scale remover. The two works exactly the same when removing stains in glass doors and showers. You only have to wear protective clothing for your skin and also make sure that your bathroom is well ventilated when you use these stuffs. 

So, there you are. By following these tips I gave you, you will surely have not just a clean, deodorize and sanitize bathroom, but you and your family will surely have a healthier life too. Make cleaning and sanitizing your bathroom a habit and I am sure that will not regret even the single minute you put into it. It will be like an investment, which you will reap good harvest in the end.


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