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Why you should use the Vertical Carousel shelving system

by Koby Mofflin

The Vertical Carousel Shelving system has been invented as a carousel storage solution that helps give more storage density for items that are bulky and heavy. It is a better option to the already existing horizontal carousel shelving system. Let’s take a look into the vertical shelving system and see what it has to offer your products.

What are vertical carousels?

Carousels are defined as the combination of bins or trays for the purpose of creating a continuous chain that is usually mounted on an oval elongated track. These carousels form an important part of the Automated Storage and Retrieval systems (ASRS). They used to be placed in the horizontal position but the issue of lack of storage space kept arising and then, the vertical shelving system was introduced. Now, it has the capability of having as much storage space as may be needed and even excess.

What is Vertical carousel shelving system?

This is a carousel storage solution whereby rotating carriers are being delivered to the system operator by using the goods to person method. With the vertical shelving system, the carousels can be built to the height of the amount of air space available in the storage house, creating an automated process for storage and retrieval and thereby eliminating the need to use a forklift.

Advantages of the Vertical carousel shelving system

There are a number of factors that were put into consideration before the vertical shelving system was introduced. These favors created the need the have the vertical shelving system and thus, we’re going to take a look at the advantages of using the vertical carousel australia shelving system. They are:

Benefits of Vertical Storage System


The vertical carousel shelving system eliminates the need for operators to bend or lift heavy components for a long period of time. It makes it safe for the staff members to operate by reducing the risk of injuries and fatigue. It is a better replacement for forklifts and ladders, which are usually used to retrieve items stored in the topmost positions on the rack.

Accuracy in stock inventory

It is quite a task trying to keep track of all the items in a warehouse, especially when they’re in different locations. To be able to take stock of the goods in the way house more effectively, the vertical carousel can be integrated with the WMS or the inventory control software. This enables easier stock management and saves a lot of time and also eliminates mistakes.

Increase in production space

The vertical carousel shelving system helps to maximize the amount of space needed to store goods. It requires very small footprints and only needs available air space to store goods. One carousel can store up to 7 or 8 racks of goods but it is dependent on the size of the goods and the height of the carousel. It saves a lot of floor area space foe production.

Increase productivity From Vertical Storage

Accessibility and Productivity

This carousel storage solution has made it easier for operators to easily retrieve goods in a safer, time efficient and simpler way. All they just have to do now is use the control panels to rotate the carriers and they’ll retrieve their goods in no time.

Using the vertical carousel shelving system is a carousel storage solution like no other. Everyone wants a way to carry out tasks in a more efficient, accurate and easier way and that’s exactly what the Vertical carousel shelving system brings to the table.

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