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Things You Need to Know Before Renting a Self Store Unit

by Koby Mofflin
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According to Pew Research Center, around 22% of Americans either moved or knew someone who wanted to move during this pandemic. 6% of people among them had to move in with someone else, and 37% of them moved to another place or moved someone into their home. It majorly impacted young people aged 18-29. With loads of people on the move, it may be time to rent a storage unit or a place where you can keep all your things until getting back to college. 

Suitable Size For Your Storage Needs

As you pay for minutes on your phone or miles for your car on rent, nobody wants to pay extra for unnecessary things; the same fact goes with self-storage units. Calculate the actual space you need precisely. How much furniture, boxes do you have? Do you have any bikes or exercise equipment?

Another thing you must consider is how often you want to access your unit. If you think you will check and visit your storage unit frequently, you should choose a large space to get access to your individual boxes easily. To save your space,

  •  Break down the furniture into parts.
  • Pack the drawers with stuff to make the best use of space.
  • Place boxes in stacks with heavy boxes at the bottom.

Cost of Storage Unit

Storage units charges for one month range from $60 to $180 that depends on their size. There is a little high cost of climate-controlled storage units, from $75 to $225 per month.

Most storage companies don’t need a contract, so you can easily leave any time. A monthly or fixed-time contract can save you money if you are sure about the duration for which you need to rent a storage unit.

Climate Control Unit

Climate control prevents mould or mildew in areas of severe humidity or high temperatures.

Mould or mildew can develop on furniture, clothes, paper, and other wood products. Mould can also damage other important items like electronics, photos, artwork, and musical instruments. Some of the best self storage services provide climate control for an increased cost, so you can consider it while choosing a unit. 

Occasional Offers

One of the greatest offers in self-storage is a free or less charge on a moving truck with your self-storage rental. Many companies propose discounts or free mileage. The discounts can include deals, such as the first 80 miles free or free truck rental for some hours.

Documents Needed

You must have a government-issued identification to rent a self storage unit. Some acceptable forms of ID-proofs are military ID, passport, state-issued ID, or driver’s license. Also, a credit card is preferred to secure a security deposit.

Things You Can’t Store

A few things are not acceptable in storage units. These banned items and activities are imposed to protect the items, clientele, and the facility. Some prohibited items are dangerous or flammable material, items that attract insects like food, pets, and plants.

Also, you cannot use a storage unit for your personal or professional activities.


self storage insurance

Many self-storage companies provide insurance, but you can confirm with your renters or homeowner’s insurance carrier. Sometimes these policies cover your items even if they are stored outside your place. In case of theft, you can file a claim under such policies after reporting the theft to the police. 

Choose Your Space Smartly

You need to consider numerous factors to select a suitable self storage unit, but give a final thought before storing your important or expensive items. Keep your Jewelry or important documents like passports, birth certificates, titles, social security cards, etc., with you.Moving to a new place can be a stressful situation when you don’t have any place to store your belongings, so don’t let this thought burden you and start looking out for a self storage facility near your place.

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